All staff, volunteers, and attendees must be fully vaccinated (plus 14 days after the second dose) to attend a game this season.

Anyone attending a game this season must present a government-issued ID and their COVID-19 vaccine record from their province or territory showing that they have been fully vaccinated with two doses of a vaccine authorized by Health Canada. Note that individuals aged 12 to 18 only need to show proof of vaccination - no additional piece of ID is required.

A person is considered fully vaccinated in Canada if they have received two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, or one dose of Janssen. All children under the Age of 12 are exempt from vaccination requirement as long as they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

Verification of an individual’s vaccine status will be completed upon entry to the Eastlink Centre. Please have your COVID-19 vaccine record and ID ready to present on paper or a mobile device.


Arena Seating Map

Please select one of the numbers below to see a photograph of the view from that section.


  • NHL-sized ice surface 85 x 200
  • 31ft 6'' low steel & 45’ high steel
  • 17,000 square ft. floor
  • Portable Arena Deck ice cover
  • 3717 arena seating & 1000+ portable seating on floor
  • 10 Luxury Suites
  • 800 on-site parking spaces
  • Centre Ice Lounge
  • 7 dressing rooms, 4 canteens, 3 press boxes
  • 2 box offices, online ticketing
  • Portable 40 x 60 stage and four (4) 6 x 8 risers
Load In
There are two (2) 12 x 14 level drive-in doors that access the arena floor. There is adequate parking for three buses outside the load-in door. If available, the Trade Centre can used as a secure indoor parking area or storage (see contract for extra cost). Forklift/Scissor lift and operator are available.
Lighting System Consists of
32 1000 watt metal halide arena lights (providing 90-100 foot candles at ice level), lite Shades

Internet Accessible

Sound System Consists of
  • 2 Martin MAC300 Intelligent Lighting Fixture (Light Jockey Controlled)
  • 16 TOA HX5 Articulated Array Loudspeakers (Distributed for Seating Sections)
  • 8 TOA FB-120 Subwoofers (Distributed for Seating Sections)
  • 4 CREST LQ Series 12” 2 Way Loudspeakers (Center Cluster Configuration - For Ice Coverage)
  • CREST CPX Power Amplifiers  (Mid/High Amplifiers)
  • TOA DA Series Power Amplifiers (Subwoofer Amplifiers)
  • QSC RMX & MX Series Power Amplifiers (Mid/High Amplifiers)
  • ELECTROVOICE DC-ONE Loudspeaker System Controller (DSP Based)
  • MACKIE CR 1604VLZ PRO 16 Channel Mic/ Line Mixer
  • 8 SHURE SM57 Microphones (Mounted to Glass Boards for Pickup of Ice Sounds)
  • 2 AUDIO TECHNICA Automatic Mixers (For Use With SM57 Board Microphones)
  • Microphone & Line Level Inputs (Located in Penalty Box & Players Bench and Sound Control Booth)
  • Independent Sound Systems for Trade Centre, Lobby Areas and VIP Lounge


Two (2) 400 amp, 3 phase voltage
Two (2) 200 amp, 3 phase voltage
One (1) 100 amp, 3 phase voltage